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Current version (0.16)

harmonySEQ’s main window. The lower part is responsible for chosen sequencer’s properties and designing it’s pattern, the right lists all events and assigned actions.

The settings window and a control sequencer.

harmonySEQ running on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise, with JACK server and Yoshimi synthesizer.

Older versions (0.15 and less)


That’s how harmonySEQ 0.15 used to look like.

the main window

(click to enlarge) The main window, as it used to look in 0.14



(click to enlarge) harmonySEQ running on Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick). 0.14 used many windows, as may be seen above.

the sequencer windowA sequencer window from 0.14.

the events windowThe events window.

the events and action windows

(click to enlarge)

This is a screenshot of the patch that was used to record Dream About a Peculiar World.

screenshot - main windowThe main window, as it used to look even before.

screenshot - sequencer window

Events window


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