Examples of pieces of music done using harmonySEQ

You can also see some screenshots or video demonstrations.

Louigi Verona‘s tracks

“My main interest in music lies in the mystery of improvisation, which I think is the closest thing possible to the spontaneous, unrehearsed reality of our lives. Everything we consider truly real is improvised and everything we call artificial contains, at least to some degree, elements pre-defined and pre-written.

HarmonySEQ is a fantastic sequencer which very quickly became the center point of my live performances setup.
Intuitive, stable, extremely well designed, it is great not simply for performing music, but for writing whole compositions on the fly, which is invaluable in the kind of music I do.

Below is the list of tunes which were improvised using HarmonySEQ. Nothing you will hear was written in advance.”

Louigi Verona

Louigi Verona – First recorded harmonySEQ session (10:57, 13.0 MB, ogx)

Louigi Verona – “Cycles” session extract (10:55, 12.3 MB, ogx)

Louigi Verona – 107 Autumn session (9:52, 11.0 MB, ogg)

Louigi Verona – Cosmoport (8:35, 10.7 MB, ogg)

Louigi Verona – Water Element (16:44, 21.0 MB, ogg)

harmonySEQ author‘s demonstrations

“I, it is the author of harmonySEQ, am not a musician. I do not know how to play any instrument. But I am interested in music, I look at it from mathematical point, I have some experience with sound synthesis, and I really enjoy composing my own tracks. In fact, I made harmonySEQ for myself, I just needed an application that would support me, help me in managing melodies and rhythms. I had an idea of an application that I would find very helpful, and as I couldn’t find any that would match my requirements, I decided to develop my own (and share it with you). I have already done some several tracks using harmonySEQ. In my opinion these tracks demonstrate what harmonySEQ may be used for and the main idea behind it.

Rafał Cieślak

Cielak – Mesosphere (3:43, 3.41MB, mp3)

Cielak – Complexity (1:48, 1.65MB, mp3)

Cielak – Chasm (2:44, 2.51MB, mp3)

Cielak – Dream About a Peculiar World (7:05, 6,5MB, mp3) (or watch video)

I think it gives a good idea what this everything is about, and demonstrates most features.

For most tracks I used yoshimi for sound synthesis, and hydrogen as a drumkit.

If you have any interesting file you did with harmonySEQ (either an audio or a .hseq file) and you want to show off, please share it with me ;-)

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