Videos demonstrating harmonySEQ

Note: Following videos demonstrate older (0.14, 0.12) harmonySEQ versions. The concept in the current one (0.16) is exacly the same, but in case you want to have a look at the GUI, better do that in the screenshots section.

Dream About a Peculiar World by Cielak

(alternatively: watch at

(download mp3 file: Cielak – Dream About a Peculiar World [7:02, 6,5MB])

This video presents how one can use harmonySEQ. It turns out that harmonySEQ is quite useful for live performances, for it acts as a sequencer, that can be easily controlled with f.e. keyboard. This way one can use it for accompanying, playing rhythmic sections and sequencing melody loops. The adjustable triggers can change the melodies harmonySEQ plays.

On this video, I used keys A, S and D to toggle the rhytmic sections, Z and X to trigger a simple background melody, played once (not looped), and 1-4 to switch the pattern of the main loop. The main melody I play using an external controller (E-MU Xboard 25), while steering my accompanier with the other hand.

Yes, I do know I play terribly :) I am not a musician and I found it really difficult to play well, but the purpose of this video id not to show my piano playing skills, but to demonstrate usage of harmonySEQ.

Other software I used for recording: yoshimi – a *brilliant* software synthesizer based on ZynAddSubFX, qmidiroute – nice MIDI router, JACK and qjackctl as a frontend – a sound server, qarecord – for recording JACK audio to file, recodrmydesktop and gtk-recordmydesktop (frontend) – for capturing the video from the screen, and kdenlive for cutting, editing and rendering this final video.

Older demonstration

(alternatively: watch at

On this video, I connected harmonySEQ to a set of software synthesizers, and after a quick setup I was able to perform the following. Almost everything was sequenced in harmonySEQ, except for the melody at the end, which I played on an external MIDI controller.

The melody is not a perfect one, but it does demonstrate harmonySEQ usage quite well.

Minor issue: due to a low framerate, the tempo button does not blink every time on this video. Oh, and the audio quaity is terrible, I have no idea on what to do with it – but it’s youtube to blame.

The .hseq files used to record the video is included in harmonySEQ’s example files.

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