harmonySEQ 0.15 mockup [UPDATE]

For those who are interested in this project, and are looking forward next release (and have seen no activity on this project for some time), there is a screenshot of harmonySEQ 0.15, which I’m currently developing. Showing it to you I also prove I do am still working on it, and everything goes very well.

updated screnshot, running on ubuntu natty:


Note the following:

  • rearranged gui – I hope it’s much cleaner now
  • merged windows into one – makes it easier to tune harmonySEQ during a performance
  • clearer pattern edition – it’s now horizontal, and each 4th note is marked
  • [update] colorful idicators poiting at the note that is being played

Unseen on the screenshot, but already implemented are also:

  • reordering sequencers
  • [optionally] playing a note when editing it
  • [update] OSC support

There are still some remaining changes I will implement in harmonySEQ 0.15. But no worries, it shall be released soon, as things are going well and I’m doing a good progress.

And hope you like the new GUI!

If you want to be notified when harmonySEQ 0.15 is released, consider subscribing using the form at right!


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