harmonySEQ 0.14 “enlightened” released!

HarmonySEQ 0.14 has been just released, and is ready to download.

Amongst many new features, it has a redesigned GUI, which makes it look much better, and as a result harmonySEQ makes now a bit more professional impression.

In case you faced problems using harmonySEQ, or want to contact me for other reasons, look at the contact page.

I hope you enjoy using harmonySEQ!

The full changelog:

harmonyseq 0.14 "enlighted"
 - Moved GUI from buttons to an elegant toolbar and menu.
 - Reorganized chord logic and GUI.
 - Added a customizable metronome.
 - Added Preferences window for customizing harmonySEQ's settings - stored in ~/.harmonySEQ/harmonySEQ.conf.
 - Added many tooltips to make it easier to use harmonySEQ.
 - Added a pop-up menu for the sequencer list.
 - Added possibility to hide/show columns in the main window as a part of harmonySEQ's configuration.
 - Some major GUI improvements.
 - Fixed many bugs.
 - Added the README file.
 - Source code heavily cleaned-up.

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