What is harmonySEQ?

Come on, the about page is indented to explain that ;-)

Why harmonySEQ is not available for Windows?

The answer is very simple: I just have no idea how to deal with MIDI on Windows. The whole GUI should compile under Windows, since gtkmm supports many operating systems, but do not hope to find harmonySEQ for Windows until I learn how to use MIDI (in c++) on Windows. [Did I hear you saying ‘I know how to’? If you do, consider helping developing this program and supporting me by writing some code for harmonySEQ that would deal with MIDI on Windows, or by sharing your knowledge and advising me how to achieve that ;-) ]

Why harmonySEQ does not support my language?

Well, it doesn’t? But you do. This means you have a great change to help develop harmonySEQ! harmonySEQ does not support your language, because you have not translated it yet ;-) Go to https://translations.launchpad.net/harmonyseq and help translating it from English to your language. You do not need to do the whole job, translate as many strings as you wish ;-) Just a note: you have to be signed in to launchpad in order to get access to translations. The whole process is very simple, and I will be grateful to see you contributing!

I found a bug in harmonySEQ. What should I do with it?

At first I would like to thank you for using harmonySEQ, and at second I would like to thank you for being interested in reporting the bug you have found ;-) Yes, harmonySEQ is still in it’s infancy and it probably has tons of bugs, but it is worth to report every one found. This page of project is responsible for managing bugs, please report them there. Any help is appreciated!

Where can I find more info on how to use harmonySEQ?

Unfortunately, you cannot (yet). I hadn’t enough time to write documentation. And the other reason why there is no documentation at the moment, is the fact that at this stage of development each release brings so many changes, that I’ll better wait with documentation, instead of re-writing it after each release. And again, any support will be appreciated ;-)

However, harmonySEQ features many tooltips, which should, at least a bit, help understanding harmonySEQ.

Why does harmonySEQ lack feature X?
I think harmonySEQ really needs feature Y. How do I urge the developer to add it?

If you want to suggest a feature, or discuss harmonySEQ’s design, feel free to write an e-mail to me. I will be grateful to read your opinion and suggestions!

How can I contact you?

Check it here.

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