What new features will be there in harmonySEQ 0.16?

For some longer time there have been no news concerning harmonySEQ.  Yet I have to assure you that the project is not dead, and further development is going very well.

In particular, harmonySEQ 0.16 is almost finished.

Recently I have very little spare time to commit to development, so the release is being constantly postponed. This is a single-developer project, so when I get busy, the development unfortunately pauses. At the moment all new features are already implemented, but there are still some critical bugs to fix. As some people use harmonySEQ at live performances, I must ensure it is fully stable before releasing it – and that’s why it haven’t been released by now.

However, the stability problems to not prevent me from explaining what’s new, and posting a few mockups.

Yes! A brand-new piano roll interface! Now notes may have different lengths and velocity each! Quick, super-efficient adding/removing notes with left/right mouse buttons are ideal for live performances. Zooming in/out, moving notes and selecting multiple at once is also supported.

Notice the handsome animated diodes, which make it much easier to see which note is being played at the moment.

Also: completely custom resolutions! No longer only powers of two. Any number can by typed in – the mockup above uses 24, and the grid adapts as intended.

Custom lengths now allow to repeat a pattern 3 or 7 times in each bar – any number you want – or even to spread it through exactly 3,75 bars!

Also – a new type of a sequencer – a control sequencer! Works just as other sequencers, so events apply as normally, yet it outputs MIDI control data, and is represented as an easily-editable chart. Great if you want to sync an LFO with the melodies, or want to accent some particular pieces of your patterns.

Other, less visible changes include: ability to clone patterns, that is very useful if you need to quickly create a similar copy, German translation by Jan Fuchsman, basic Japanese translation by Nel Pogorzelska, significant performance optimisations which remove  harmonySEQ’s lag and significantly reduce CPU usage, new file access engine that automatically converts files from an older format, some new chords have been added, and the GUI has slightly changed.

You can fetch the source code from the projects branch, or use a daily-builds PPA, if you want to test it right now. Note, however, that it is VERY UNSTABLE right now, and I discourage you from using it in any live performances.

I’ll fix the remaining bugs as soon as possible. You may expect a release in the nearest future.


New video demonstration of harmonySEQ

I’ve just recorded and published a new video demonstration showing how one can use harmonySEQ for live performances. You can see it on the re-arranged videos page or by using a direct link to YouTube.