harmonySEQ 0.16 released!

I have this pleasure to announce that harmonySEQ 0.16 was released and is available for download.

Nine months since last stable release mean lots of new features and polishing. Most importantly, harmonySEQ now has a piano-roll editor, that allows much greater flexibility when it comes to designing patterns. Each note can have different length, velocity.

Also, the pattern’s length and resolution can be now almost any number, which removes the irritating restriction – one can now set resolution to 6, 13, 24 and length to 0.75, 3.5, 5.333, or whatever else – almost no limits in that matter, so you can get harmonySEQ to work in any time signature! This means harmonySEQ now supports complex polyrhythms! Just set one sequencer’s length to 1/3 and the other’s to 1/5, or any other values you like, and enjoy the result!

There is also a brand new type of sequencer – control sequencer, that outputs MIDI control events and is useful for modifying synthesizer parameters in-sync with the melody!

harmonySEQ 0.16 features Japanese translation (by Nel Pogorzelska) and German translation (by Jan Fuchsman).

There is also a new core engine, with more efficient output routines, that ensures lower latency and almost unnoticeable CPU usage!

Other changes include improved desktop integration, better support for older files, many GUI tweaks, and several new chords.

To download harmonySEQ 0.16, go to the Downloads page, or use PPA: ppa:rafalcieslak256/harmonyseq

The changelog below lists almost all changes.

Great thanks to Louigi Verona, whose design tips, throughout testing and feedback were priceless for the development process. Большое спасибо, Луиджи!

Also thanks to all of you who e-mailed me with feedback, feature requests, asked questions or helped to promote harmonySEQ! If it wasn’t for you, this release would never happen!

I hope you will enjoy the 0.16!

harmonyseq 0.16 "ranpiollo"
 - Implemented an advanced piano-roll interface for sequencers.
 - Added a new type of sequencer - control sequencers, that are used to output MIDI event messages.
 - Added support for custom lengths and resolutions (this allows to play melodies in any time signature).
 - Added chart-like display for control sequencers, which makes it easy to edit their output.
 - Velocity is now applied to all notes separately.
 - German translation, thanks to Jan Fuchsman.
 - Japanese translation, by Nel Pogorzelska.
 - New system for opening files, which allows to automatically convert older files.
 - Added possibility to hide chord's detailed settings.
 - Added some new chords.
 - Significant bug fixes (including much more efficient output routines, which result in MUCH less lag during playback).

harmonySEQ 0.15 “arising” released!

After 4 months of active developement and testing I am pleased to announce that harmonySEQ 0.15 is finally available to download! Not only there is a new, rearranged GUI featuring single window which make is far easier to manage your sequencers (now the pattern is rotated 90 degrees, which makes it more logical to use), but also OSC support, which allows you to control harmonySEQ via Ethernet! Many significant improvements have been included, colorful blinking diodes indicating playback, and ability to reorder sequencers, to name a few. Other changes worth highlighting include an optional ability to preserve chord’s octave, when changing it by an action, or some slight optimizations which improve harmonySEQ’s reaction time and lower it’s CPU consumption.

Check the changelog below for full list of changes!

harmonySEQ can be downloaded there.

Also, great thanks to all of you who helped me developing, provided me with ideas or feedback, sent me motivating e-mails, subscribed for news, promoted harmonySEQ or reported bugs! That was helpful, so I am really thankful!

harmonyseq 0.15 "arising"
    - Reorganized sequencer window, significantly improving the way a pattern is presented.
    - Merged the sequencer window and the events window into the main window.
    - Added colourful flashing playback indicators.
    - Added 4th note indicators.
    - Added PlayOnEdit feature.
    - Implemented OSC support.
    - Allowed reordering sequencers (this time seriously).
    - Actions that change chords overwrite octave only optionally (one can change chord without changing octave).
    - Added an action that transposes a sequencer by an octave.
    - New event that allows triggering events by an OSC message.
    - Increased tempo range, as some may need higher tempos.
    - Added a button that clears selected pattern.
    - Significantly improved data refreshing speed.
    - Many optimizations, in some cases harmonySEQ may use now up to 30% less CPU.
    - Improved support for unusual Gtk system themes.
    - Changed sequencer's default resolution to 16.
    - Many bugs fixed, and some minor GUI improvements.

harmonySEQ 0.14 “enlightened” released!

HarmonySEQ 0.14 has been just released, and is ready to download. Read more of this post

harmonySEQ 0.13 “polyphony” released!

I have this pleasure to announce that harmonySEQ 0.13 “polyphony” was released, and is now available for download.

Amongst many new features is the possibility to create polyphonic patterns in every sequencer.

There is also this new icon, introduced some time ago: 

Here comes the full changelog:

harmonyseq 0.13 "polyphony"
 - Using checkboxes instead of sliders in seqencer GUI makes it now possible to produce polyponic voices using one sequencer
 - Added menubar to improve GUI
 - Added AboutBox
 - Included harmonySEQ icon and used it used widely
 - Basic shortcuts support
 - Added integration with desktop - menu entry, icon, MIME type support

harmonySEQ 0.12 released!

I am very happy to announce that harmonySEQ v. 0.12 is now ready to use, and available to download.



– Added ability to bind multiple melodies to one sequencer
– Added Play/Pause button
– Added Sync action, that may be useful to synchronize harmonySEQ with an external application
– Improved interaction with user
– Recognizing whether the file was modified since it was last saved
– Added Play/pause action
– Added action changing melodies in a specified sequencer
– Reorganized Seq/on/off/toggle actions (merged into one action type), may cause problems when loading older version files.
– Minor GUI improvements